Maternity Leave? Sounds like an excuse to me.

Day 133 in the Postnatal Gulag. Still haven’t made a dime. ‘Maternity leave’, for most of us creative sorts, is simply a nice way of rephrasing unemployment. Without the warm nest of jobs to return to, we simply stop working until we can work again. “How long are you on maternity leave for?” people ask, […]

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All I Wear Is Overalls

The changes to my body during pregnancy bought an odd sense of relief: for the first time, perhaps ever, I felt I had the permission to grow larger. But following the birth, I find myself stranded in an unfamiliar body that seems resistant to change. Here’s how I’m recalibrating to life as a bigger woman. […]

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25 Unreasonable Anxieties I’ve Had Since Birth

The heavy, gilded mirror that hangs on the living room wall will unexpectedly fall off and crush me, or her, or us both together at the same time. No one would find us for hours, and when they do, they’ll have to deal with the double tragedy of having to announce to family and friends […]

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